Stage 11: La Seu d’Urgell – Sant Joan de l’Erm – Llavorsí

La Seu d'Urgell – Sant Joan de l'Erm - LlavorsíI come back to La Seu d’Urgell and resume the way I left in October 2012. I arrived in La Seu d’Urgell by public transport and take Lleida road towards Pla de Sant Tirs. It is raining and hailing, so the weather in May 2013 is much worse than October 2012, but I hope it gets better within the next few days.

In Pla de Sant Tirs, I resume the Trans Pyrenees tour and go towards Noves de Segre, where the forest trails start, and from there, to Sant Joan de l’Erm in a route of long, plain sections with constant little ascents. From Sant Joan de l’Erm on, all the way is down up to Llavorsí.

I stay in the shelter “Refugi de la Basseta” (1,300 m) in Sant Joan de l’Erm to rest and spend the night, since it is snowing and it is impossible to keep on going. On May 31st 2013, I go along the last section of the stage, from the shelter to Llavorsí, where I will stay at the municipal campsite “Riberies” for two days because it doesn’t stop raining and the roads are not in good conditions.

Stage 11 in Wikiloc:

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La Seu d’Urgell – Sant Joan de l’Erm 38 km
Sant Joan de l’Erm – Llavorsí 28 km

List of villages:

Download track 11 with QR BIDI

Download track 11 with QR BIDI

La Seu d’Urgell
El Pla de Sant Tirs
Les Valls d’Aguilar
Noves de Segre
Pallerols del Cantó
Sant Joan de l’Erm

Price of accommodation on Refugi de la Basseta: 12.50 euros.
Price of accommodation on Càmping Riberies: 11 euros.

Refugi de la Basseta. Tel +34.973298015. Sant Joan de l’Erm. E-mail:
Càmping Riberies. Camí de Riberies, s/n. 25595 Llavorsí. Tel. +34.973622151.

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